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The Hauptman-Woodward Institute (HWI) is an independent,
not-for-profit, biomedical research facility located in Buffalo, NY.

At HWI, the goal of our research is to develop an understanding of how living cells function. With this knowledge, we can learn how diseases originate and how to cure them or alleviate their symptoms.  Cells contain biological machines known as proteins that are essential for all life processes, and defective proteins are at the root of many diseases.  On the other hand, proteins also play a role in the prevention and treatment of disease.  In either case, we need to know what the relevant protein molecules look like and how they interact with each other and with potential drug molecules.

On the left, you see pictures of protein molecules. Follow the links below to learn more about these important molecules, how we are able to visualize their three-dimensional shapes, and how this knowledge is used. Discover what diseases are being studied and what technological developments are in progress at HWI.

INTRODUCTION Background information regarding HWI research
ABOUT PROTEINS Learn more about these large biological molecules
DRUG DISCOVERY Disease-related studies currently underway at HWI
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY The science of determining the 3D architecture of a molecule
TECHNOLOGY Methods and techniques being developed at HWI
BIOINFORMATICS & EVOLUTION The evolution of the genetic code intrigues many Buffalo-area high school students
RESEARCH NEWS Recent research results
LINKS Other sources of background information
GLOSSARY Dictionary of scientific terms
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