Follow the links below to become acquainted with Hauptman-Woodward’s scientists and their research projects.  All of the Institute’s Research Scientists are also assistant, associate, or full professors in the Structural Biology Department of the State University of New York at Buffalo.

* Indicates a scientist currently active in the PPBS graduate program of the Structural Biology Department.
Leadership and Outreach
Research Interests
Special Role
snell Biological dynamics through complementary structural techniques; crystallization, crystallography and SAXS.
Chief Executive Officer
gulick Andrew M. Gulick* Natural product synthesis and antibiotic discovery. Vice President for Research
griffin Structural databases; steroid structure. Director, College Intern program; government relations; Seminar Program Chair
Structural and Molecular Biology
Research Interests
Special Role
 716 898-8614
AIDS and cancer-related enzyme targets.  
duax Short-chain oxidoreductase enzymes. Polycystic kidney disease. Genetic  code evolution. Director of high school intern program
gewirth Hsp90 chaperones; androgen and nuclear  hormone receptors.  
lattman Eaton E. Lattman Protein folding;
diffraction methods.
IMCA contract manager; BioXFEL Principal Investigator
 716 898-8623
Develop methods for the crystallization of  biological macromolecules. Director of the HTS laboratory
malkowski Structure and function of integral membrane  proteins involved in lipid metabolism. Chair, UB Dept. of Structural Biology
IMCA-CAT Scientists
Research Interests
Special Role
battaile Kevin Battaile
630 252-0529
Biochemical genetics, inborn errors of metabolism, structural genomics and protein engineering.  
keefe Lisa J. Keefe
630 252-0544
IMCA-CAT Director
mulichak Anne M. Mulichak
630 252-0525
Adjunct Scientists
Research Interests
Special Role
WEDEKIND Crystallographic analysis of small ribozymes and RNA editing proteins.  
Xu Hongliang Xu Mathematical and computational crystallography.  
Emeritus Faculty
Research Interests
Special Role
Blessing Robert H. Blessing Electron-density distributions and properties of  biomolecules.  
High-throughput crystallization screening (HTS ) and laboratory  automation.  
Crystallographic phase determination methods.  
Guo Methods of crystal structure determination.  
pangborn Walter A. Pangborn Diffraction instrumentation and experimental  methodology.  
smith Structural chemistry of insulin, and the T to R transition in insulin.  
Weeks Phasing methods; automation of protein structure determination. Crystallographic database.  
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