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Summer Session 1 - 2015

The Hauptman-Woodward Institute's high school apprenticeship program is a unique learning experience that affords area high school students the opportunity to study evolution and bioinformatics in the laboratory of H. A. Hauptman Distinguished Scientist, Dr. William L. Duax.

In 2008, Dr. Duax's students began an in-depth study of a soil-dwelling bacterium with extremely unusual DNA. This bacterium is a living relic that may hold a key to understanding the origin and evolution of the present genetic code.

HWI's high school program originated from a program created at the City Honors School of Buffalo to support talented young people who are interested in medical research.  Although the first students were from City Honors, the popular program has been expanded to include students from other schools. In the summer of 2015, over 50 students participated.

Scheduling is tailored to the needs of the individual students. Students who are accepted into the program can work on Fridays, after school, or during part of their summer vacations.

Past participants have competed in regional science fairs, gained admission to prestigious colleges and universities, and earned scholarships.

If you would like to download detailed information about the high school internship program, click here.  If you are a Buffalo-area high school student, and you would like to join the team working on this exciting project, download an application or contact Dr. Duax for more information at

The high school program is sponsored by the Roy Carver Foundation and many generous donors.

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Summer Session 2 - 2015
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